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Lobbynomics: An Occasional Series

In his report, Professor Hargreaves bemoaned the ‘lobbynomics’ surrounding copyright, calling instead for empirical evidence upon which policy should be based:

‘Much of the data needed to develop empirical evidence on copyright and designs is privately held. It enters the public domain chiefly in the form of “evidence” supporting the arguments of lobbyists (“lobbynomics”) rather than as independently verified research conclusions.’ - Digital Opportunity - A Review of Intellectual Property and Growth, page 18

From the tone of his writing you’d think that the lobbying he complains of is confined to private companies and ‘corporate rights-holders’ lobbying politicians and civil servants.

Not so.

The public sector carries out every bit as much lobbying as the private sector does; it just tends to be, how should we put it, perhaps a little less polished in its methods.

Herewith follows a series of articles examining the lobbying efforts and groundless assertions masquerading as ‘independently verified research conclusions’ by the Cultural Heritage Sector, academia, parts of the political Establishment, quangos, and others.

Let’s not forget that public sector lobbyists’ salaries and consultancy fees are paid from your tax contributions.