stop confiscation of your property and Human Rights in the UK Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill

David Bailey 'appalled at what the government is doing to our rights in the ERRB'

A household name since the 1960’s,
David Bailey is one of the UK’s most iconic photographers. On hearing of what the government proposes to do with his property in the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill he has written to Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne. He says:

‘Why can’t copyright be dealt with properly in a proper Copyright Bill? I’m told everyone will be able to get their hands on our so-called “orphans” so libraries and museums can publish old photographs whose authors have long been forgotten.’

‘So now commercial organisations will be allowed to make money from our “orphans”, but not us, the creators.’

‘This legislation should never have been even considered without first giving us our moral rights, and is contrary to our rights under the Berne Convention. Why the rush? A scheme, the Copyright Hub – a scheme backed by the government – is being developed to ensure that those who wish to find our pictures can not only do so quickly online, but also find the contact details of the pictures’ owners. You are about to put the cart before the horse.’

‘I’m told the real reason for speed is that “releasing” orphans will create growth. We all understand the need for growth. But where’s the evidence? The seemingly impressive financial figures presented originally in the Hargreaves Review have mysteriously had to be revised – down by 97%! Which now apparently amount to no more than 80p per taxpayer per year. Given the damage this legislation will now cause to taxpaying creators, damage no-one has so far taken into account, the effect of this legislation on economic growth will in fact be negative.’

Read his full letter here, and then Tweet it to MPs.

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