stop confiscation of your property and Human Rights in the UK Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill

The Independent Review of Intellectual Property and Growth

During the Digital Economy Bill Second Reading debate in the House of Commons, the then Opposition Front Bench stated their intention on entering Government to commission a new review of Intellectual Property law.

Stop43 welcomed that statement and are happy to submit our evidence and proposals to the Independent Review of Intellectual Property and Growth being conducted by Professor Ian Hargreaves. We have answered the questions published on the Review's website that we think pertinent to photographers and graphic artists as creators of Intellectual Property. We have:

  • listed the deficiencies and defects in current copyright and contract law and the legislative changes that photographers require;
  • provided evidence to support our requirements; and
  • detailed our proposal for an innovative, free online machine-searchable metadata registry that will make cultural digital Intellectual Property including so-called "orphan works" freely available to the public for their Cultural Use, enable rights-holders to find and readopt their "orphan works" and make them commercially licensable; educate the public about Intellectual Property Rights and enforce digital copyright law; streamline the licensing process; and act as a market-making infrastructure strengthening the entire cultural Intellectual Property sector, self-funded by levies on licensing transactions that it facilitates.
This will increase confidence on the part of creators in the viability of their businesses, encourage greater innovation based upon that increased confidence, drive economic growth, and maximise corporation tax, income tax and VAT receipts for the Government at a time when it sorely needs them.

In a spirit of transparency and openness our entire submission is made public here.

Single-Page Summary for Policymakers
Full Summary

Alternatively, Download the PDF of the full submission