stop confiscation of your property and Human Rights in the UK Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill

The successful Stop43 campaign against Clause 43 of the Digital Economy Bill was supported by more than 16,000 members of the photographic, imaging, and advertising industries

For historical reasons and to separate that campaign from our current work we have decided to archive all but the front page of that campaign into a separate “Our History” area. Apart from rendering most statements into the past tense, it remains in the state it was in when the Labour Government that had sponsored Clause 43 lost the May 2010 General Election and was replaced by a Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition, and the threat of similar measures being reintroduced by a new Labour Government finally evaporated.

Apart from this section, all other parts of this website that contain material added since May 2010 can be considered “live”.

UPDATE NOVEMBER 2010: The campaign against DEB Clause 43 was conducted and brought to a successful conclusion with the support of the industry organisations listed here. Stop43 would like to make clear that the proposals we have subsequently made public to improve current copyright law and enable the cultural use of so-called orphan works do not yet have the formal support of any of these organisations, and the presence of their logos here for historical reasons should not be construed as their support for Stop43’s current position.

The Association of Photographers

Photographers’ Agents London


Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild

“It is a logical and legal absurdity to talk of licensing works whose authors cannot be identified while there are still significant groups of authors who do not have the right to be identified.”

Viscount Bridgeman, speaking in the House of Lords during debate on the Digital Economy Bill Clause 43